If you haven’t noticed…

I've been a little quiet lately.
I just moved to a new place -- I'm renting a nice big house with my buddy Larry, and moving in and all of the little chores that come along with it have eaten all of my time.
On top of that, I've got less than a week to get everything from my old server to the new. It's currently served off of a SpeakEasy DSL connection in my old apartment. I love SpeakEasy -- I can't say enough good things about them, but unfortunately the new place is strategically located about 18,000 feet from the CO which means about all I can get is IDSL. Last thing I want is ISDN speeds after having 1.5/384.
SO, instead I'm getting a regular residential Time/Warner cable modem and colo'ing an entirely new box over at ServerBeach.
So far I'm very happy by ServerBeach's service, and in the long term I'm better off. (This way I've got guaranteed power and availability and all that stuff, and faster burst speeds for the occasional Slashdotting.) It's just a lot of work, and right when I should be unpacking. (heh)
Expect things to get a little choppy in the next couple of days. I've got most everything moved over but there's a point at which I need to turn off service on the old machine and turn it on on the new. There's bound to be a short period where DNS isn't resolving things right, no matter how short I make the time-to-live.
See you soon on the new server!

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