So I Guess It Worked…

I got a great response from the call for help on getting KDE working with Qt/Mac. Thanks to everyone who mentioned it. And hello to folks linking from Linux.Ars. It's kind of funny that particular section is linking me... although I use Linux daily, my blog is mostly about Mac OS X. <grin>
I've had offers of help from Ian Reinhart Geiser, Holger Schroeder (of KDE/Win32), and many other folks. Thanks!
Right now it looks like most of the people interested in working on it are getting their dev environments all set up. I expect a decent amount of hacking to start happening this weekend. Jarvis Cochrane (who, in fact, offered to help before I asked!) is going to be merging everything we've got so far into one mega-patch that we can all start working off of.
Again, if you want to help out (or just watch), feel free to join the list.

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