Native Qt/Mac Fung-Calc

I've made a Qt/Mac build of fung-calc. I'd like someone to try it out; it built (and runs) on my 10.2 machine, but crashes on my 10.3 machine (whether I use the 10.2-built version, or build it fresh on 10.3), so I'd like someone with 10.2 to confirm it works OK.
If you're willing to give it a shot, please download it here and comment if it works (or doesn't) for you.

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9 comments to Native Qt/Mac Fung-Calc

  • ran it, seem sot work. Can’t really say more as I have no idea what is or does. I assume it graphs something. 🙂 But, yeah works on my ibook 10.2

  • rawhead

    Works great on my iBook/10.2.6

  • rawhead

    Forgot to mention….great job. Great replacement for Graphing Calculator 😉

  • Don’t thank me, thank the guys who wrote it. Wasn’t much to building it with Qt/Mac. 🙂

  • Works great. This is the first QT/KDE app ported to OS X that I’ve gotten to work successfully–I’m really impressed. Nice work.

  • Gerk

    runs great here as well on several machines…will be nice to see more native QT stuff 😉 Keep up the good work, and off the record I wouldn’t fight too much with 10.3 stuffs yet, there will no doubt be some big changes before it hits the streets….

  • Well, the real issue (with KDE stuff at least) so far has not been a 10.3 issue, but a gcc3 issue. KDE 3.1.x won’t build with gcc3 on jaguar or panther, so it behooves me to find a way to fix it, since it looks like we’re gonna be making a gcc3-supporting jaguar fink release.

  • Aaron Lawson

    Works fine on my DP G4 500 running 10.2.6, in fact it looks absolutely beautiful! I’m curious to try and port Kate (my favorite text editor), was this just a simple make, or was there more involved?

  • Kate uses KDE libraries, so it will be a bit longer for that. We’re working on that though. 🙂