Qt/Mac Status

Here is what I posted to my earlier Qt/Mac blog entry on the status of Qt/Mac-based KDE, for those interested:
Just an update since people keep posting here and don't necessarily look at my main blog page, here's what's going on.
1. I've been working over the last week to get all of my KDE-on-MacOSX-on-X11 patches back into mainline. Most of these patches will affect the Qt/Mac build as well (they're not really specific to X11, just general mac-related build fixes). I have one last admin/ patch that needs going in, and a few other misc bits in kdelibs, and a bunch of patches still for kdebase, but it's manageable.
2. Once at least kdelibs and kdebase are buildable out of CVS without needing patches, Sam (Magnuson) is gonna be working on bringing his patches up-to-date with current CVS. They currently don't apply cleanly, and even after attempting to rework them, there are still issues with the 4 months of changes that have occurred since he did his initial work. While he's doing that I'll be working on merging the rest of my stuff (kdeartwork/kdeedu/etc.) into KDE CVS.
3. THEN there will be a chance for binaries. 🙂
My guess is it'll probably be at least a few weeks before even the barest support is possible, and a month or two before things generally work nicely. So for now you can stop asking. 🙂
I'll be sure to post to my blog whenever any progress is being made. For now there's a lot of busywork getting things upstream before the more interesting parts can happen.

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8 comments to Qt/Mac Status

  • chris c

    not to overly complicate your life or anything ; )
    have you seen the latest sample code regarding X11 on mac on the Apple developer site?
    Allows a native X 11 app to hook to carbon/cocoa/and core foundation and builds a nice little double clickable app bundle for the Mac finder…

  • No I haven’t, although I knew they had been working on integrating things more tightly like that.
    Truthfully there’s not much point to going down that path if we can get everything working with Qt/Mac…

  • chris c

    true…. but it may come in handy with other apps and projects… like maybe GIMP or a bunch of others that aren’t QT dependant… certainly will make it a whole lot easier for people to port to the platform! Well as long as you can use PB to build the app…posted the same info on the OO forum but the dependancy checking of their current make system and PB are not compatible. Which is a bummer because it would really help them out.

  • Chris C – Do you have a URL for that X11-as-a-bundle stuff in your comment?

  • Xylpho

    please, if Konqueror can run natively on OSX with the release of QT/Mac, can someone make this possible with Quanta Plus?
    I *REALLY* need this app, I saw that thekompany.com made a port (i think), but i don’t want to pay 40$ for a free app on X11.

  • Dude, it’s coming. Chill out.
    What part of “I’ll be sure to post to my blog whenever any progress is being made.” are you people missing?!?! 🙂

  • Hey RangerRick… I was wondering how I would go about getting involved in helping to port KDE 3.2 (CVS head) to QT/Mac & OS X?
    I’ve got a recent cvs copy of the kdelibs, and I’ve been merrily #ifndef ing-out anything X11-ish that the compiler chokes on… but I think I’m just duplicating effort here….