Fink and Prebinding

I've got the first release of my prebinding bits working now, it's a combination of a patch to fink's perl modules and a couple of packages that implement the post-processing.
I've got a few people trying them out, when I'm confident they're at least not breaking anything, I'll make a bigger announcement to the list.
The nice thing about doing things this way is that it's pretty much all transparent for any package that makes twolevel libraries.

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1 comment to Fink and Prebinding

  • Wow. I am so freaking happy for you that I just shat my trousers. I have been following your prebinding plight for all of thirty seconds, and it has wracked my body in torment so unimaginable that I was forced to shove my face on the burning stovetop to alleviate the pain. Now that you are free of your harrowing perl module I know that I will sleep well and awaken fresh and anew.
    Sorry Ben, I just could not help myself. Stowe is awesome.