Fun With Darwin/x86

I got Darwin/x86 set up on my PC a couple of days ago, and I've been a building fool since then. KDE works from dports, and I'm in the process of getting the fink packages happy as well.
Some details here, in my post to the KDE-Darwin list.

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  • Hi,
    i have new build X86 opendarwin 6.6.1 up and i can’t gnome( gtk) to run. I think its a config thing. Maybe that a bad description. I added gnome-session my ~.xinitrc and commented out everything else.
    When do a startx. i Just get the X11 gray screen with the X curser stuck in the middle.
    the default .xinitrc setup with twm works.
    So i turned to KDE. It failes out during theAuto download and build of esound. (When using port install kdebase3)
    Any ideas? I would realy like to get SOME type of “nice” GUI on it.
    FYI: HW info:
    asus p3v 4x VIA MotherBoard
    PIII 600 133FSB
    256 megs ram
    18gig seagate IDE HD
    ATI 8 meg Rage II+ AGP card
    3com 3c905 tx nic
    Aopen Phantom 3d sound card AW724
    About The only thing i haveent tryed is swapping out the sound card for a an old SB live card.

  • Ed Waldmire

    you need to add “+puredarwin” like so:
    sudo port install kdebase +puredarwin