As they say on metafilter…

Dvorak: I'm smoking crack

    <zizban> its hopeless...dvorak's stupidity is incurable
<RangerRick> heh
<lomion> ahh his x86 article?
<lomion> he does those once every year or so
<lomion> i guess hefigures eventually he will be right
<michaelm> when his hit rating goes down
<michaelm> then all the outraged/amazed/stupefied mac people come to read it
<lomion> yeah
<michaelm> and his hit rating goes back up again
<zizban> yepper
<zizban> I read those things and think "Not this again"
<zizban> everyone knows JKH is secretly porting Darwin to the UltraSparc
<lomion> sparklar
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