KDE News

Just a bit of KDE news.
First, I've sent my admin directory patches back upstream to the KDE folks -- hopefully they'll be accepted soon.
Second, in doing a bunch of cleanup I've screwed up the KDE-Darwin tree so that it doesn't start right (kded and klauncher aren't working right). I'm working through it now, if all goes well, I'll have new KDE packages in unstable shortly with a bunch of minor bugfixes. Once I've confirmed those changes work (at least up through kdebase) I'll send those upstream to the KDE folks as well.
Third, the arts-locking-the-entire-system bug is STILL happening. If anyone has any CoreAudio debugging experience, please let me know. This is the major blocker for moving KDE 3.1 final into stable. It's tricky to track down, it doesn't happen when running under gdb or ktrace, it only happens by itself. 😛
Fourth, word is that 3.1.1 gets tagged sometime this week for packagers, I'll let you know as things happen, hopefully I'll have the build issues worked out before then.

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