Back in the USS… uhh, I mean, Raleigh

Made it back home fine. I must say, even though they've scaled down from what they started with, Midwest Express is still a pretty nice airline to fly. Doesn't hurt that I get a direct flight from Milwaukee to Raleigh, either. I really hate dealing with hopping around to get where I'm going.
Got some good loot for Christmas. The best was a huge suprise -- Dad got me a pair of Etymotic ER-4P headphones. These are in-ear, very hi-fi headphones that block out pretty much all ambient noise. Until you've heard a pair, it's really hard to describe just how incredible the sound is. I'm going back and listening to some of my favorite recordings, and hearing things I had no idea were there! It's really amazing. Go look for some reviews on the net, and you'll see that pretty much everyone agrees. They're hard to beat. I've been listening to music pretty much continuously since the ride home. =)
Speaking of music, over at the Very Big Blog, I see that Duran Duran has gotten back together and is recording another album. I had started out long ago listening to them just because they were the pop band of the hour, but I have since come back to them and started listening to their newer stuff, as well as the older, and while they started out working in the (fairly cheesy) pop circuit, there's really a lot of music to their music. As time goes on they've really grown, and I find now that I listen to them fairly regularly. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it, they've always been pretty on-again, off-again, it's good to see they're doing something again.
Also picked up some more stuff that Mike Patton was involved in, this time a band called Secret Chiefs 3. I haven't decided yet whether I like it, but it is interesting, as always.
In porting news, I got KMUD ported on the plane up to Wisconsin, and have got OpenNMS pretty much working now on OSX again, with the new 1.4.1 developer preview JDK from Apple. I plan on doing some catching up KDE-wise to figure out what I've missed, but it appears they haven't released a new 3.1 rc to packagers yet, so I've got a little play room.

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