A Nice Cold One

So here I am in frosty Wisconsin, and I've come to a realization:

I'm a wimp.

Every time I come back here I think how nice it is to visit family, but dear GOD this is a frozen wasteland. You know what? It gets cold here. Turns out, the further North you go, the colder it gets!

Well, at least in the northern hemisphere. =)

Let me give you an example.

See this?

Why I Live In The South.jpg

(click for larger picture)

You know what that's for?
I bet you can guess. Here in Wisconsin, they get so much snow, so regularly, they have little flourescent poles on fire hydrants and other important utility stuff so that they can find them if they're completely covered in snow!!!

That's right. You heard me.

Madness, pure madness.

At least in North Carolina, if we get a foot of snow everyone freaks out and we get an impromptu vacation. Here in Wisconsin that's normal.

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