The Two Towers

So tonight we've got 16 people going from work (and family) to see the two towers, or so I'm told!!!
Madness, pure madness... Should be a blast. =)
In KDE news, I got word from pogma that working dlcompat code is in dlcompat CVS now; I build it and tried it out and arts starts up, even with arts-tools installed (yay!). noatun and kaboodle still run like crap, but it's definite progress. Now that that is done, the question is whether to include kdemultimedia at all, or at least those parts. They're pretty worthless, as is, it looks like there's some definite platform issues still.
On the bright side, pogma's changes make me pretty confident that there aren't going to be other hidden symbol issues in other bits of KDE, so if nothing else I feel better about a release.
Latest word on the KDE list is that 3.1 release candidates post-security-audit may be available this week, and a proper KDE 3.1 release is now expected in early January.

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